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Written by Sarah Ruhl

Directed by Irma Mayorga


Scenic and visual media design - Nick O'Leary

Costume design - Erin Howell Gritsch

Sound design and editing - Kate Baumgartner

Wirecast programming and operation - Erik Sanning & Kate Baumgartner

Stage management - Anjali Jain, assisted by Brenna Fertig & Ava Rast

Eurydice - Audrey Boyle

Orpheus - Caulden Parkel

Father - Conner Stanfield

Nasty Interesting Man/Lord of the Underworld - Ahon Gooptu

Big Stone - Letícia Monteiro

Loud Stone - Carissa Lehning

Little Stone - McAfee Chandler

A loss story in a time of daily loss. This was one of Grinnell College's first virtual mainstage productions during the pandemic. Although most of us were on different screens, two of my co-actors were also my housemates and thus were sheltering in place with me. We turned our bedrooms and living room into our set for the show. 

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