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  • Co-produced 24-on-29 Chekhov Fest 2023 for Make/Shift Theatre Company and also performed as Siobhan/Silvi in The Weight of Memory by Etan Klau, directed by Lily Webb.

  • Co-produced Side B Debuts, a new play showcase, for Side B Society.

  • Produced A Trumpet Show, a new devised piece by Brianne Jackson and Allison Crawford, for Side B Society.

MARCH 2023

  • Co-produced The Aliens by Annie Baker, directed by Cameron Schmitt, for Side B Society.

  • Presented my paper, "Embodying Partition as Intergenerational and Transnational Affect in Ms. Marvel" for the Emerging Scholars Symposia at the 43rd Annual Mid-America Theatre Conference in Minneapolis, MN. 

  • Developed Subject for a Short Story for a staged reading at the annual Fringe Festival as part of the Dramatists Play Lab at the 43rd Annual Mid-America Theatre Conference in Minneapolis, MN. 

  • Co-produced How to Make Friends and Then Kill Them by Halley Feiffer, directed by Linoï Chemla, for Side B Society.

OCTOBER 2022 - APRIL 2023

APRIL 2023

  • Organized Side B Spring Soirée, a fundraiser gala for Side B Society.

  • Wrote and performed in Looking For, devised with Jonah Harmon, Hannah Fazio, and Rebecca Curran, for Florida State Fringe 2023.

  • Co-produced and performed as Yusef El-Fayoumy in The Last Days of Judas Iscariot by Stephen Adly Guirgis, directed by Meghan Nelson, for Side B Society.

MAY - JUNE 2023

JULY 2023

  • Performed as Remi (lead) in Do Me a Favor, a short film written and directed by Krsytel Sanon.


  • Worked as a Teaching Artist for Treasure Trunk Theatre in Brooklyn, NY.



  • Wrote a new solo show, Young, Dumb, and Full of Cum.

  • Interviewed for The Red Curtain International's Theatre Heals Adda, talking about the development of Seasons of Love.


DECEMBER 2023 - APRIL 2024

  • Co-directing and choreographing High School Musical: On Stage for Uncommon Collegiate Charter High School.


  • Completing new drafts of the pilot for Out of the Woods, a new limited series that reimagines fairytale characters in a contemporary land without magic.

    • Teaser blurb: Hansel and Gretel, Little Red and the Wolf, and Cinderella are just humans living like the rest of us in our world. Here, there are no woods, no magic, no fairy godmother. But family trauma, mental illness, a big bad wolf? You don’t need a storybook for those. Will they find their happy endings in this life?

  • Writing the screenplay for a new feature, Second Draft.



  • Publication in Shakespeare Adaptations in Indian Cinema, an edited volume by Nishi Pulugurtha: "The Hungry Women: Performing Gendered and Familial Desire in Titus Andronicus" (solicited by Bloomsbury).

  • Music video for a new song by Tizita (lead performer).

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