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Written by Ahon Gooptu

Seasons of Love follows three generations of a Bengali family communicating between Kolkata and Chicago and striving to find semblances of hope, comfort, and familiarity despite the distance that separates them.


Sahyr feels the pull to return home as Ma struggles to cope with Dimma's dementia alone. Through four seasons and festivals, through Shakespeare and Rabindrasangeet, the trinity attempt to find the light at the end of the tunnel. 

The Red Curtain International Developmental Production

Kolkata, India | August 2022

Director - Katy Lai Roy

Producer - Sumit Lai Roy

Light design - Tom Lai

Sound design - Shireen Ghosh

Production Managers - Dana Roy & Aditya Krishnan

DIMMA - Jayati Chakraborty

MA - Baisali Chatterjee Dutt

SAHYR - Akhshaye Lohia

Photos by Tom Lai and Ahon Gooptu

Definition Theatre Filmed Excerpt

Amplify Series Two

Chicago, IL | August 2022

Director - Sophiyaa Nayar

AMMA - Rukmini Girish

MA - Alina Ali

SAHYR - Faiz Siddique

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