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(Constellations! A New Journey)

Inspired by Neel Chaudhuri's Taramandal

Conceptualized and directed by Ahon Gooptu


Written by Atif Ally Dagman, Rini Tarafder, and Ahon Gooptu in collaboration with Anjali Jain, Priyanka Bhaskar Patil, Sooji Son, and Mayo Sueta


Scenic background design - Sooji Son

Sound design and editing - Anjali Jain & Sooji Son

OBS programming and broadcasting - Sooji Son & Anjali Jain

Poster and promotional artwork design - Sooji Son

Camera and location support - Kanishk Chobisa


A project funded by the Sandy Moffett Award for Practice in Theatre and Dance


Tani - Priyanka Bhaskar Patil

Anish - Ahon Gooptu

Mimi - Anjali Jain

Mr Negi - Keshav Nautiyal

Anish's Dimma (Grandma) - Rini Tarafder

Voice of Tani's Mom - Rini Tarafder

Voice of Captain - Jin Chang

Voice of Reporter Jasmine Kim - Sooji Son

Voice of Journalists - Jin Chang & Sooji Son

In a time of immense change and pressure, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) sends astronaut Anish into space to find the Chalawan star system, approximately 46 light-years from Earth. Meanwhile, eight-year-old Tani is adamant about reuniting with her grandmother.

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